Power2Africa Shower Up Project Update

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Last year, Power2Africa started supporting the Shower Up project – a venture that is helping to install new solar-powered shower blocks into a boarding school in Kenya, giving over 600 people access to clean, warm water and hygienic facilities.


Here’s a brief update on where we are with this project:

The original aim was to complete this project at the start of 2018, but we’ve had a few difficulties along the way. Due to this project being managed from the UK with a POC/PM managing all the contractors, things got a little bit tricky.

Our first inspection found that some of the work which was done was not up to the standard we expected. The result of this meant that the work had to be redone, including removing some of the tiles and strengthening the shipping container’s framework.

It took a couple of weeks to enhance the metal framework and transport the containers up to the school and they are close to being in the final position, but unfortunately, the rainy season has stalled any progress with the project.

We’re now waiting for the rain to slow down so that we can move the containers into the correct position on the plinths and start to finalise the build. This will involve finishing off the tiling, fixing the doors and installing the solar panels in the correct positions.


Thank you


Although we’re not done yet, none of this could have been done without the vital support from Power2Africa’s members. Once complete, this project will provide hygienic shower facilities to over 600 children every year – a notable change from the grotty, run-down facilities they previously had.

Want to find out what else you can do? Our team are currently scoping out more projects for 2019, with a project release date to be announced shortly. Help make a real difference to communities in Africa, join the P2A movement today – visit www.power2africa.org to find out more.


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