Not looking for a pinstriped suit

Pin Stripe Suits in fast cars need not apply… I need someone different....good-different...

If you ride a horse, have ever celebrated making too much money or being dishonest or have fluttered a night on champagne at the customers expense steer clear. If your linked in picture is of you on the front of a sports car in your pinstripe suit I wish you luck but you are not someone that I will work with.

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I’m looking for someone who cares about customers. Who care’s about doing the right thing by anyone we have ever entered an agreement with. Who foremost wants happy staff and happy customers... who has a flavour of where we need to take the energy industry.

I’ve been in a Relationship Manager role for as long as I can remember (yes even whilst wearing the 'CEO hat' I've found myself dealing with clients directly for as long as I can remember).

When I started amber energy in 2009 I knew that the key thing for me was to keep integrity, to be the best in the industry, to do things in a fully transparent way, to be the good-different. I reminded myself of this regularly.

I focussed on growing my knowledge and sharing the truth around energy to ensure the absolute best set-up for clients was the starting point.

It’s now evolved into ensuring that our team of over 30 people are delivering on the promises we make to businesses. In short, the plan worked. Now we are looking to help more businesses with energy and we are in high demand so I need someone to head up my Relationship Management Team...

What makes you good at this?

For me, it’s realizing that you have to create demand for something & then you have to under promise and over deliver.

For the Relationship Manager. This starts with you and for you to be in demand on your 1st meeting with a business you need to be able to demonstrate supporting their aims and ambitions pretty quickly.

To get here. You need to be an excellent listener. You need to understand what the client wants and what they are trying to achieve. You need to demonstrate value and build credibility to set yourself apart.

Setting yourself apart? Yes, you do need to be able to do it on ‘the back of a fag packet’ as well as the proposal later on. You need to show full commitment to the highest service standards, the quickest turnarounds and a value for concise, quality, information.

You can’t ‘blag’ you need to be the expert.

The best investment you can make as someone in this role is in your knowledge of your product and the value it brings to a business – understand the value inside out and you are on your way to not having to sell but exchanging value.

You are suddenly someone people want to do business with as you can honestly help them.

As we’ve grown we’ve grown our first team of Relationship Managers.

They are in amber because they share the values; they want to deliver something different to businesses’ – the ‘good different’ as I call it.

They deliver a consultative process of making sure the relationship between a business and its energy bill’ are clear, that the business achieves its objectives and from a ‘pick n mix’ of services we add as much value as we can.

We need to make sure we do this in a competitive and scalable way and we steer clear of double-charging models, shared savings, or hidden fees – this type of sales is dead to us. Good bloody riddance I say.

What I really need is the following:

  1. Performance management and coaching of the Relationship Management team so that: (i) The Relationship Managers grow their businesses (ii) so they live the amber values (iii) so that they support businesses in navigating their overall energy costs to a lower point

Further notes on what I need?

  1. I need support on how/what we are selling and how we can enhance our income from an individual Relationship Manager point of view not at the strategic level.

  2. Full management of the Relationship Management team, development of their skills, support and management of their training events and diaries.

  3. Ensuring Relationship Managers know how to use their time in the most effective way to serve existing clients and grow new income opportunities.

  4. Building a team that robustly plans ahead and achieves growth plans but also manages the type of deal structure alongside the Commercial FD to ensure the business model works.

  5. Delivery of motivational events, training and support to the team.

  6. Good with data/an ability to use the latest technology to harvest data on sales activities and to use this intel to make decisions that improve the ROI from the sales team.

  7. Someone that understands that sales come from the wider team and not just those ear-marked as 'sales team' and can widen the net by working with the other directors to drive income from the business - supporting the Commercial FD on the practical delivery of new opportunities.

  8. An ethical person who understands the value of relationships and the importance of always delivering on these relationships - making sure we are delivering on our promises is of upmost importance. The right person will work with the Operations Director to ensure services sold are being delivered and industry leading best advice is being provided.

  9. An ability to work with the Commercial FD to determine how much more growth can be achieved by adding additional Relationship Managers to the team.

If you are interested in joining us and feel excited by the proposition to be fully transparent email me directly. Leave the pinstripes at home. 

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