EU Raised Renewable Energy Targets to 32% by 2030

In what’s being dubbed as a ‘hard-won victory’, the EU energy ministers agreed on an increase in its renewable energy target of 32% up from the previous goal of 27%.

This change came as a result of calls from green energy groups that the existing target does not go far enough as some member states are already on track to exceed it. The new agreement also includes a review in 2023 which could increase the target further.


An exciting time for renewables

This EU agreement comes in an interesting week, with the City of London announcing that they will be sourcing 100% renewable electricity from October 2018 onwards and parliament finally breaking their silence over the future of Swansea Tidal Lagoon.

While the future of the tidal lagoon is still uncertain, it could mark a significant turn of the tides for renewable energy in the UK, offering a large amount of guaranteed power that can be released at peak times, twice a day.


The challenges of renewable growth

One of the biggest challenges that occur when bringing new renewable power to the grid is balancing the load due to influxes of renewable generation alongside some more inflexible types of generation.

The National Grid is currently looking into developing even more connected energy storage to help manage loads by distributing power during peak hours and charging when there is an excess generation. Britain has already built a 500MW pipeline of utility-scale energy storage, some 100MW of which is deployed ( source ) but this will need to continue to rapidly grow in order to match the increased demand for renewable generation.

Many businesses are already looking into small-scale battery storage to help reduce their reliance on the grid at peak times and maximise their return from on-site renewable generation.

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