Building Trusted Relationships with Competitors

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In the world of sport, you don’t often see rival teams being backed by the same sponsor – but that what happens every time Glamorgan takes on Gloucestershire at Sophia Gardens.

It was a surreal experience for us watching from the amber energy® lounge at Sophia Gardens with the away team wearing amber energy® across the front of their shirts.

But how did this happen? Quite simply, through the same ethical, transparent and open approach we take with all our work.


Building Trusted Relationships

Glamorgan Cricket has been with us since their 2009/10 season, using all of our services to help maximise savings and achieve the best cost on their energy.

Working for someone for nearly 10 years in this industry is almost unheard of, and it’s something that we’re extremely proud to be doing. In the time we’ve been working together we believe that we’ve shown our value over and over again, delivering a partnership based on mutual trust and respect.

If you’ve been following amber a while then you may have heard us say that we don’t have clients, we build partnerships based on trusted relationships giving honest and open advice that holds value even if you don’t end up using our services.

A testament to our way of working comes across through our introduction to Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. After a post on LinkedIn asking for help with their utilities, they received several comments from our existing customers recommending our services highly, speaking about our quality of work and transparency of communication.


Honest and Ethical Practices

amber energy® provide both clubs with our complete energy management packages, looking after their energy procurement, bureau, energy efficiency and engineering to provide complete coverage for all their energy needs.

In the year that we’ve been working together with Gloucestershire, we’ve already helped to save money on the wholesale cost of energy. We’ve also helped to give them back control and clarity of their energy bills, consolidating five different suppliers into one to remove confusion and provide peace of mind.

For both clubs, we’ve carried out an energy audit to find several key areas of opportunity for significant energy savings and are looking forward to putting these in place in the future. When delivering our recommendations, we always show the investment versus the return, factoring in the length of time it will take to break even. For some big ticket items, like installing a new PV system, we can look to find sponsors or partners to help reduce the initial cost of installation or purchase.

Every recommendation we make is tailored to each site, then broken down into a cost and return based on both financial and energy saving returns. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our billing so that everyone knows exactly what they’re paying for. To us, this means separating out the cost of our services from the cost of purchasing energy, rather than hiding it or sneakily building it into the unit cost like we’ve seen some energy brokers do.


Knowing who to talk to

Operational efficiency is key and the biggest part of this is communication. We provide a single point of contact for everyone we work with, so whether they have an issue, need to pay an invoice, want to raise a complaint or choose to shower us with compliments then they know exactly who to talk to.

Working in this way allows our Relationship Managers to specialise in each industry, understanding the issues that they face and knowing the correct avenues to approach to solve them. Historically we believe that this has been key in building strong working relationships and being able to provide a streamlined, robust service.

Are you a Sports Ground or National Governing Body and want us to take a look at your energy management? Call us today on 02920 007 629 to book your tailoring session.


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