Major worry is flying around after warnings that Britain could face power-blackouts by 2015 unless energy consumption, efficiency, energy resources & behavior changes are managed and improved.

Long-term plans need to be put into place to prevent such things happening, as each year the energy assessment worsens, our hands-being-tied-attitude is not going to cut it.

Energy minster Michael Fallon told Newsnight ? I can assure you the lights are not going to go out.? But, Ofgem?s new analysis revealed the risk of power-cuts in 2015 is 50%, if the weather is extremely cold during the winter, this figure could be more.

Closing businesses a couple of hours earlier will prevent excessive energy usage.

A number of decisions are being made to try and prevent Britain?s power struggle. Last week, under a drastic government plan it was announced that big energy users (shops, offices & factories) would be paid to ration electricity to avoid nationwide power blackouts. In the winter months at peak time (between 4-7pm) is when the struggle is likely to occur and closing businesses a couple of hours earlier will prevent excessive energy usage.

With predicted electricity shortages also down to coal and oil plants being shut down under The European Union?s environmental regulations. These plants are partly being replaced with wind farms, which on one-hand is great news because they hold environmental benefits, but on the other hand, this source of energy isn?t as reliable, which makes the situation uneasy.

It is fair to say, there has been prior warning, but it?s only now people are starting to take note.

John Robertson an MP on the energy committee stated ?We?ve dragged our feet for so long on nuclear, there won?t be anything to replace them with.?

As aging nuclear power stations were shut down, replacement energy sources were not decided on, but as things are starting to get a lot more serious, decisions are having to be made. Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, promised £10billion for a new plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset that could power five million homes.

But we have to ask ourselves, how much we are to blame? By being a little less wasteful and wary of the energy we are using, could each of us make a different to the bigger picture? The answer is yes. With the development of technology, we are using a lot more electric gadgets; in fact it is estimated at 606m devices in Britain, which equates to 10 items per person. The problem is people leave appliances on standby for long periods of time, overcharge devices that don?t need it and have electrical devices on that are not necessary.

We are all guilty of it, but now is the time, to make changes.

Why have the heating on, when the windows are open and why charge your mobile phone overnight when it only needs a couple of hours? We are all guilty of it, but now is the time, to make changes.

Bills are only going to go up if we carry on and the risk of power-cuts for the whole country will heighten. Now is the time to be energy smart, stop blaming others and be pro-active, we all have our part to play. All it takes is a little self-awareness and change in our behavior and we could help our country to be more energy secure.

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