Over the years I've visited a lot of businesses across the country and have come to the conclusion that the type of hand dryer the business has in the facilities can determine how detailed an explanation I'm going to have to give about Capital Allowances.

Ok, it's a generalisation but guaranteed the business that has high-speed hand dryers has done its homework and understood that by investing in the right assets it can qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances.

The Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) energy scheme provides tax allowances for energy saving products. It means you can if you invest in specific energy saving plant and machinery, you can qualify for 100 per cent First-Year Allowances (FYA).

Put another way, if you buy equipment that qualifies, you could write off 100 per cent of the cost against that year's taxable profits, saving your business a lot of money, as well as reduce your business' energy use, climate change levy payments and carbon footprint.

You simply make the claim for the ECAs at the same time that you file your Self Assessment or Corporate tax returns.

The ECA energy scheme supports a variety of energy saving technologies, such as energy efficient boilers, lighting, refrigeration equipment, and metering and monitoring systems.

Only new equipment is eligible for an ECA and eligible equipment, and the criteria they have to meet, is published in the Energy Technology List, which is regularly reviewed to make sure it keeps up to pace with changes in technology. You can view the latest guidance at https://etl.decc.gov.uk/etl/site.html

To give you a flavour, the different categories of technology covered by the ETL include:

? Air-to-air energy recovery

? Boiler equipment - including hot water and steam boilers

? Compressed air equipment - including flow controllers and master controllers ? Heat pumps for space heating - including air source, water source and ground source

? Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment

? Lighting - including high-efficiency lighting units, lighting controls and white-light emitting diode units

? Motors and drives - including integrated motor drive units, variable speed drives, switched reluctance drives, and single speed and multiple speed motors

? Solar thermal systems ? Radiant and warm air heaters - including overhead radiant heaters, packaged warm air heaters and biomass fire warm air heaters

And of course ...high speed hand air dryers

So next time you visit either a customer, prospect or supplier, take a trip to the facilities before the meeting starts. You could find yourself adding value to that business in a way you never imagined.

As ever, make sure you consult your financial/energy advisors before making any purchases.