Sometimes a deal that seems too good to be true really is. This is where it becomes essential to read all the small print and do your research before signing anything.

This is a reoccurring issue, which we have found with a number of the business we are working with now.

One of our clients recently discussed with us, how they had been offered a cheaper contract elsewhere with one of our competitors. The rate we had given them was very competitive, so we were interested to see if the quote they were given was genuine. We asked them if they could send over the proposed contract for us to look over and evaluate.

We found that the rates they had been given excluded; feeding tariff (tax) and the data was inaccurate and skewed to lower the rate and appear cheaper, not to mention the broker hadn?t included their commission in either. So what they had been quoted and what they would actually be paying would be two completely different things.

'This is when you must be wary and make sure to read the small print, otherwise you will find yourself being locked into a contract that has been manipulated to draw you in and then hit you with higher rates.'

Transparency is key to building trust with clients. But as we have found, it is not the top of everyone?s agenda. We at Amber believe it is important to build strong open relationships with clients, where they won?t want to go elsewhere because we provide an all-round high quality service at a fair rate.

'So if a competitor has beaten our rates genuinely, we are happy to admit defeat, for the benefit of our client. But in all honesty nine times out of ten, this is not the case.'

It?s also worth considering the service that you are after and if you are going to want advice, support, and account management during the year. Sure, we always need to buy energy at the lowest price but we also need to be purchasing it at the bottom of bearish market movements. This means tracking the market, not just squeezing suppliers? margins.

The other point to note is you can elect the level of service at amber energy. If you strip back to just arranging a contract our fee will be much less when compared to monthly bill auditing, exception reports, budget tracking, purchasing alerts, partnership considerations, efficiency and auditing, new site installations etc etc. What is key is having a partner who you can trust and who can deliver your requirements.

For more information, get in touch, we are happy to help.