The Director of amber energy, was one of the few entrepreneurs selected to attend The G20 Young Entrepreneurs? Alliance Summit.

The G20 Summit will surround young people and how they can mold the future, creating growth, innovation and better job prospects for young people.

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, September 2013, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, will be host the Summit on Friday 14th June. The summit will revolve around how delegates can create solutions to address critical issues facing all G20 countries, including ways governments, academia, NGOs and business communities can work together to provide aspiring young entrepreneurs with foundational support to ensure their success.

'amber energy is achieving over 200% growth.'

Director of amber energy; Nick Proctor fully supports developing new ideas, to enable job growth for young people, having started his company by himself, he knows the difficulties and risks of creating a successful business.

Nick launched amber energy in 2009, from his father?s back room, on very little money and few resources. He has now developed an award-winning company, featured in Young Entrepeneur of the Year, has been shortlisted for three awards next week at The Energy Live News Awards and is achieving over 200% growth.

'Youth unemployment forecast to reach 12.8% by 2018.'

With youth unemployment rate at 12.6% this year, after hitting 12.7% in 2009, it is forecast to reach 12.8% by 2018. (May 2013) This is for the age bracket 15-24 year old, when young people are at there most vulnerable; finishing School/ University, where experience is key to their success. But with the figures set to worsen, something has to be done, otherwise the youth of tomorrow, is set to struggle for years to come.

This is why the summit, is such a worthwhile occurrence, bringing together and uniting young like-minded intelligent people, who hope to bring about change for a more employable further for the youth of tomorrow.


The Guardian