amber energy wanted to help support the local YMCA charity, so stepped into the shoes of a homeless person for the night.

It is not often you get the experience of a night sleeping rough (outside), like we decided to. amber energy does enjoy a challenge and we are passionate about supporting local charities, so the ?Sleep Easy? challenge was just-up-our-street.

We prepared for the tough night ahead, by layering up to the maximum, sleeping bags at the ready and we collected some cardboard boxes on arrival, to build our ?home? for the night.

What seems as ?not so bad? at 8pm turned into a cold and rainy sleepless night, of shivering, numb fingers and feet, and the loud shouts of drunken passers-by throughout the early hours of the morning. How could anyone sleep through this?

To know that people did this on a daily basis, made me appreciate my life and luxuries. I had the comfort of knowing I had my bed, family and friends to go back too, unlike the people we were raising money for. The thought of having to do this every single night, in all weather conditions, with lack of food and lack of support or safety was a massive eye opener.

The fundraiser was a success, we managed to raise three hundred and fifteen pound for the YMCA charity, which was a small fraction of the total money raised, but to the charity was such a benefit. It meant help for individuals can be provided in the form of food, shelter, support, practical advice and assistance to find a place to stay more long-term.

It is worrying to think, we all walk past homeless people on the street, feel guilty for a few moments but then we can get on with our every day lives. But, for these people they don?t have that luxury, this is there ?normal? every day lives and they do really need our help.