Back in October 2017, our first Power2Africa (P2A) project got the green light. A 50k project for a school in Kenya. The aim of the project was to build solar powered shower blocks for school pupils in Kenya, changing the lives of more than 600 young people. To give you an idea, Turasha Boarding school was under extreme pressure due to a lack of government funding and intake pressures. Some of the facilities are still at breaking point, and this couldn’t be truer of the student shower blocks; where the buildings are dilapidated and the water runs cold, meaning the children were facing serious health issues as a result. We saw an opportunity to help and support this project managed and started by Contract Natural Gas, a natural gas supplier based in Harrogate. They were crowdfunding to gain the funds so we got in touch and funded £6,500 of the money needed through the fundraising at our annual golf day for P2A. Thanks to all our players who have contributed to making a difference!!

Building work starts in December and we’re looking forward to seeing the results of our efforts!

So, what’s next, well project 2 of course!!

We’re funding a cyber café in THARAKA NITHI COUNTY, Kenya

This will be a concrete base building with concrete walls and roof fully equipped inside with the computer work stations and computers themselves. We’ve sourced computers that don’t have fan cooling so that they last longer by not pulling dust through from the surroundings. We are partnering with Ubuntu Power whom have installed the solar canopy and biogas already – demand is ramping up for energy from the local community and we’re excited to be supporting a project that will enable improved education and hopefully support the next generation of energy entrepreneurs.

The great thing here is this isn’t just an ‘amber energy’ thing- we’re looking for partners to get involved and to be a part of projects just like these under the P2A umbrella.

So how do you get involved? We’ve created a membership to P2A which is costed at £1,000 per annum*, through this you get lots of benefits and most importantly, the opportunity to be a part of making a difference to those who need it most.

Want to be a part of the revolution? Email for more information.

  • Subject to a minimum project donation of £1,500 per annum.