Ambitious, entrepreneurial and driven to create. Our CEO and founder Nick told Insider about his plans for the year ahead, inspiration, best decisions and life ambitions.

Plan for the year: Grow 140 per cent, raise £500,000 capital, move office, finish the company restructure, celebrate hitting the sales target, have fun, innovate and keep challenging the norm.

Business inspiration: Other business owners and sportsmen and women who take on challenges that haven’t been done before.

Best decision: To attend a 30th birthday karaoke party in 2011 – you’ll be surprised where you find your best new clients.

Life ambition: To make a difference, to help others, to build a family, to sell a business, to become a millionaire, to raise a million for those who truly need it, to save a life, to build a world class company, to reach scratch at golf.

'It was great to be shortlisted' says Nick. 'It’s been a fantastic year at amber and an exciting stage of our growth. We’ve recently been going through the process of raising £1m to grow the business further so watch this space in 2018.'