Edgbaston is the second largest cricket ground in the UK & in 2011 a £30m investment in the club allowed for a club wide facility enhancement and refurbishment which was completed in line with the club’s vision to become a world-class stadium. Edgbaston wanted to work with an energy partner that could help them achieve their aims and saw the wider benefits of being associated with the club. Edgbaston already had an energy partner who they had worked with for several years but were open to considering a wider approach to energy outside of energy contracts following the completion of the club’s investment project.

Amber partnered with the club over an initial term (initial maturity was October 2018 - this is expected to be extended through 2020 as the club looks to gain momentum on results achieved so far) And an investment grade audit was completed to develop a priority list of energy conservation measures for achieving efficiency at the stadium. The partnership is set out to reduce carbon emissions, to improve the sustainability of the club, to ensure facilities and standards are in line with the club’s visions and cost savings are made wherever possible. Results as of 2016 are for over a 30% reduction in energy consumption and year on year energy costs (in comparison to 2015); this has been driven by energy efficiency developments including optimisation of the BEMS system. INNOVATION. The club is developing an environmental policy with amber energy’s support and is considering the benefits of achieving official standards for the work being completed (ISO50001 is being considered). Edgbaston are keen to stand out as world-class in everything that they do and this includes environmental policy and sustainability. Amber have supported the club further by introducing other world-class partners such as Total Gas & Power, Wingas, Dragon Signs and FBC Manby Bowler who have all gone on to partner with the club.