You can be as energy efficient as possible, turn every light and plug off - but unless the energy you actually used is being charged at a competitive rate, you will be paying more than you should for your energy.

If you are keen to keep your business electricity and gas costs as low as possible avoiding out of contract and deemed rates is essential.

Out of Contract Rates

Also known as the most expensive energy rates that you could be paying. Out of contract rates are what energy suppliers will charge for your business energy when you aren’t in a contract with them.

A business will find themselves on these rates if the current contract ends and a new one hasn’t been arranged with either the current supplier or a new one. Or there is a delay between moving from one supplier to another.

Sometimes these rates can be as much as double the contracted rates.

Deemed Contracts

These rates are most commonly associated when you move into a new site and begin to use energy before you have agreed a contract with the incumbent supplier or agreed a contract with a new supplier.

Whilst these rates are still higher than those of a contracted rate, they aren’t as high as out of contract rates.

What can you do?

If you think you are paying either of these rates, are moving premises and would like to make sure you remain on the most competitive rates possible contact the team on