Conservative MP Peter Liley made this comment following Indian company Tata Steel’s decision to sell all its business in the UK, putting thousands of jobs at risk.

Speaking recently to BBC Radio 5 Live, he said “Clearly there’s a world problem to the steel industry, we need to be asking why it’s the British Industry in particular which seems to be facing terminal closure.”

He thinks that one of the reasons is that energy costs in the UK are too high and he feels that we can’t blame that all on the EU as it’s a self inflicted wound.

However, there are reports that Tata Steel has benefitted to the value of over £700 million from EU climate policies. According to a recent report by CTDelft no other British company has benefitted from the EU’s emissions trading scheme as much as Tata Steel.

The reality is that there are probably numerous factors that have led to the position the steel works is at currently, however the Government are keen to show they are doing all they can. A DECC spokesperson said “That’s why we are introducing an exemption for those companies to help keep their bills down and competitive.”

Source; Sky News, ELN & The Guardian