amber are set to compete with sites such as Compare The Market, Money Saving Expert, and Go Compare, but in a very different way.. Launching next month you will soon be able to get the lowest domestic energy prices from amber from all UK suppliers but this time the 'switching fee' will go to the charity or project of your choice. 100% of it!

You will be able to choose any supplier and no matter which one you choose Energy Relief™ (the new company being launched and powered by amber) will send 100% of the switching fee to the charity or project of your choice.

The new venture is a new concept developed by amber energy™ to shake up the domestic switching space. "100,000 people switch energy supplier each week. If we could take the circa £20 switching fee and send it to a local project that needs it or to provide energy to all those without in Africa we could do so much. The vision is to provide everyone in the world without access to energy with access to clean power by 2050."

Launching soon, the project has teamed up with 2010 Shell Livewire Finalists BBOX to be able to fund installations of solar panels in Africa. "BBOX have a great bit of kit that switching donations can purchase; the idea is you turn a light off here in the UK and turn one in Africa by sending your switching fee to the "Turn a light off. Turn a light on" campaign"