amber energy™ are working alongside Padeco Ltd, Japan on sustainability aspects of a student accommodation project, considered by EBRD for financing.

From 20th March through 24th March Founding Director Nick Proctor and Lead Energy Engineer John Lloyd are working as subcontractors of Padeco considering sustainbility in the student build environment in Warsaw, Poland.

Consideration is being awarded to engineering-in energy saving measures to new builds, behavioural change & influence, and how different demographics influence the overall usage in a student accommodation building.

Nick Proctor commented "I'm excited to be working alongside a global company such as Padeco, and to be able to share the experiences gained in student accommodation with EBRD. We remain determined to support the development of the buildings of the future and to ensure buildings today achieve the lowest operational expenditure possible."

The development comes as amber energy™ head toward's the end of their 6th year of double-digit growth and job creation in Cardiff, Wales.