After many weeks in planning the day finally rolled around for the amber energy partner day. At amber energy we place a huge value on the partnerships we have built and yesterday was the day to give back to them all.

Starting off the day in the iconic Wales Millennium Centre we held a networking power hour followed by a presentation from Nick. Nick spoke about how we join all these partnerships together to really add value to the services we provide with examples of how these partnerships are working currently.

At this point we finally revealed to the partners that their secret activity in the middle of the day would be a treasure hunt around Cardiff Bay. Whilst Nick's presentation was being delivered our staff members headed off and hid in different locations around the bay waiting for the partners to solve the clues to find them.

The Blue Team came in as the winners, getting to the boat first and also solving all their letter clues to reveal the word that was the ticket to getting their team on the boat. Once all our partners were on board we took a cruise around Cardiff Bay, got fed and took part in our pub quiz! Team 1 took the prize and were treated to a bottle of champagne.

Back at the Wales Millennium Centre our day came to a close, with partners and staff celebrating into the night.

You can see pictures from the day on our Facebook page -