Having bought a house in October 2013 I found myself stripping wallpaper and tiling a floor before too long. You may understand this from your own experiences but...whilst it was ok to make mistakes on wallpaper stripping, as I couldn?t do much damage, I had to call in a friend, much ?handier? than me, to get to grips with the floor.

'Will', my "handy" neighbour showed me how to lay the first few tiles, and then set me up with everything I needed to complete the job... often reminding me that a can of Kronenberg and Radio 1 (other radio stations are available but according to him not other beers!) were key instruments to getting the job done...Now I can?t say that it was perfect, it?s the kind of floor you drop something on and it rolls to the other end of the kitchen, but it?s my "handy-work" and for that I feel pretty proud.

There?s something about working on your own home, a sense of satisfaction of being less of a ?pen-pusher? and getting your hands dirty. There is also the joining of generations... as discussions breakout about days when Dad, and Granddad had tried similar things; it?s a bit of a graduation almost to adulthood/OR manhood.

When you take day-to-day professional jobs I wasn?t always of the mind-set that it was worth leaving the experts to it.

I always thought it was worth perhaps doing it myself.

I built my first ever company website, designed my first ever logo, and learnt to do my first set of accounts. I can?t say I regret these decisions, as it wasn?t through choice rather lack-of-choice that I went down these routes; I simply couldn?t afford to outsource this work.

Like in the ?Get Shit Done? book I often refer to, by Aaron Levie, quotes ?If you weren?t embarrassed by your first attempts to launch you probably launched too late?; we launched with lots of cello-tape holding us together, a dodgy logo, and a website with broken links!

So I started to consider the scenario where tiling the floor was procuring and managing energy for other people and what the experience would feel like....

Take this internal memo on recent changes from P272 industry

With the P272 changes the DNUoS exposure to the SME/Mid-Market is positive for HH data provisioning (although we must consider DC/DA/MOP provisions on the way), it may also be positive in the sense that we can utilise load shedding/skewing from Red Zone?s for some business.

We can also consider collectively DSBR, although keeping an eye on the tariff available for this from National grid is key.

TNUoS needs to be considered and provisioned alongside TRIAD alerts; although not all will be able to respond so pro-active budget provisioning by extrapolating data is important.

To translate, Particular opportunity exists for those SME?s who can shift load away from 4-7pm.

Be aware that suppliers are now starting to pro-actively meter exchange but also to offer restrictive terms up to 01/04/2017. Restricting of those businesses looking to create budget certainty for longer periods. For instance one supplier today is offering 17 months up to 01/11/2015 contract start dates.

The recent CCL changes are now embedded in new pricing but also CFD?s starting to be built into all-inclusive pricing. Keep reading the EMR updates as they evolve to ensure clients are fully informed centrally.

Important to note inclusions/exclusions in t?s and c?s as this evolves, and any upper limit i.e. pass-through covenant.

Sure the terminology and understanding the acronyms is half the battle, but in sharing this memo I try to make the point that in the same way I needed some help tiling my kitchen floor businesses are going to need someone they can trust, who can compliment the drive they have to make their businesses succeed, with the grout, cans of Kronenberg, support, and advice, needed to create a floor that creates 'brownie points' with the Mrs/(MD)?!

As I?ve spoken out before...brokering deals is money for old rope (I also think it?s old-hat as there is so much more to energy than price).

However, if you only require someone to find you the lowest cost supplier, on a day of your choosing, be careful not to overpay for this service (as it?s very easy to).

I suppose the only difference between my confidence in tiling a kitchen floor after my short training period and someone gaining confidence in my memo above is the speed of change that exists around job completion. When you take the floor tiling experience it?s very unlikely that I won?t be able to do it to the same standard using the same technique in 5 years time.

With energy management by the time you?ve understood the memo the industry has changed. Each time you consider the optimal energy strategy you have to consider changes that have occurred since your last publication, how to future proof your strategy, your exposure to risk, and ultimately the changing dynamic of your building in terms of how much you are spending, how much you are using, and where your energy is coming from.

And for those die-hard ?DIY?ers? out there here?s my ?can of Kronenberg? for you...my next blog explains what you need to look out for with the P272 changes here> P272 Factual Blog from me