Some refreshing news around renewable energy happening in Columbia at the moment. Currently the city sources 75% of it's energy from wind farms, according to SunEdison.

However plans have been made to increase that 75% to 100% by installing a 2MW solar farm, which at this stage the company claims will provide 25% of the cities energy requirements.

The project, called The Nixon Farm Project, will generate enough electricity to supply power to 250 homes and reduce more than two million pounds (weight) of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent of taking 220 cars off the road - pretty significant.

Steve Raeder who is SunEdison?s General Manager of Eastern US commercial and industrial solar said: ?With the completion of the Nixon Farm solar power plant, the people of Columbia now enjoy the environmental and cost benefits of getting 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. Solar energy is a clean, reliable source of energy that makes great financial sense for communities across the US.?