We are used to seeing Boneshaker motorbikes, furniture, and the odd sponsorship of a celeb from B&P but we couldn't have predicted their latest move....rock n roll lightbulb?

To date the only 'cool' energy saving light bulb to hit retailers was from Plumen; a CFL with a slick design & a stamp of British Manufacturing; the bulb hit retail sales, even at a price of £19.99 per bulb.

It just goes to show lighting is an essential part of modern day design so getting the colour or range of light right is just as important as achieving savings. In fact, beyond that the bulb itself needs to look nice too; that is at least in a hospitality environment. It's the reason why we've seen the re-launch of retro squirrel cage bulbs (crap for energy use and efficiency but they look great- you'll see them in a lot of bars and restaurants hanging down in rows)...

So B&P's £40 price tag may not be quite so ludicrous??? At twice the cost of the Plumen the bulb is expensive but hey B&P (if you don't know them) are all about rock n roll style meets footballers wives price tags; the £40 is very much the entry level, to make the bulb look right in your designer home you can move to £999 for the "Hero Light" or £175 for a strange leather thing attached to it....a bit like a "light bulb changing room" (they call it leather blade); pictured above.

Now B&P don't shout about the light bulbs energy efficiency and perhaps it's not why they manufactured this design; perhaps more about longevity (as we will see the erosion of bulbs allowed for sale by the EU over time). Well let's give you some stats:

Buster & Punch Buster Bulb:

  • Fitting: E27 Certified LED Screw Bulb
  • Energy Use: 3W Fully Dimmable
  • Lifetime: Up to 10,000 hours or 5 years use
  • Voltage: 200 to 240v
  • Colour; 2700k
  • Cost: £39.99 Retail

So in a VS match with Plumen does Buster pack a punch? Well..

Plumen's vital statistic:

  • Fitting: E27 CE Certified CFL Screw Bulb
  • Energy Use: 11W Not Dimmable
  • Lifetime: Up to 8,000 Hours or 4 Year Use
  • Voltage: 240v
  • Colour; 2700k
  • Cost: £19.99 Retail

So in 'top trumps' fashion the Punch bulb wins on energy use, lifetime, & features, but loses out on cost. Essentially because the marginality on efficiency and lifetime doesn't make up for the 50% differential on price.

We love the design though & it's exciting to see design meeting energy efficiency; one for the 'cool wall Clarkson!"; well if they allow that on ITV!

If you fancy getting your hands on one head across to B&P and perhaps buy yourself a motorbike at the same time? Buster & Punch Buster Bulb>