Thermostats that turn down the heating when the occupier leaves the room claim 71.75% reduction in electric panel heater use...

amber energy trials with Urban Creation's Bristol site reveal strong initial results equating to £32 per student room.

The intelligent thermostats work by reducing the heat output as soon as someone leaves their room; gradually reducing the heating load by 'stepping down' from the starting point (set by the user of the room) to an ambient heating setting and then to frost protection mode. The thermostats, used by buildings such as Centre Parks in Europe, are a way of controlling energy use in the build environment without human control.

More information

We trialled the thermostats for a year at one of the sites we manage energy for in Bristol. It's a student block and we selected a group of 16 flats with the same set-up. 8 flats were fitted with Intelligent Thermostats. We then measured the heating use over a 12 month period to allow for analysis between the two. 2,381 kWH were used by the standard rooms; which is in line with the average student heating load. The rooms fitted with the intelligent thermostat recorded a total energy use of 424.51 kWH. The overall reduction was 82% and the lowest result was a 71.75% reduction.

Validating results

amber energy are now looking at validating the results of some further trials to IPMVP standards (International Standards for verifying energy savings). The results will then allow for amber energy to recommend the technology in new student housing builds.