amber energy win with The Student Housing Company hoorah

After 3 years of highly commended or finalist logo's it's about bloody time (we think anyway!). We're seriously chuffed and it's great to win with The Student Housing Company The Student Housing Company are one of the fastest growing players in the market

There is a great relationship between the two companies and we've been working together as 2 'start-up' companies from back in 2011. Growing together has definitely brought us closer and it's been exciting to play a part in the growth over at The Student Housing Company (I'm sure they feel the same!).

This one's for you guys!

Our award reflects the amount of work we do in the student sector (working with more private student housing companies than any other energy consultancy in the UK). We've even developed a business for giving students designer crate's of craft beer, Nando's chicken and Tesco food vouchers for being energy efficient; head over to to find out more.

There's plenty more to do and we're looking forward to automating and controlling the energy at more sites going forward; it's the balance between automation (& cost of doing so) and behaviour change (& cost of incentivising this) that will determine what our future models look like.