Well neither were we a couple of years ago.

What followed was a good amount of work speaking to all of the UK's energy suppliers, attending events with DECC and Ofgem, participating in the odd webinar and consultation.

Whether you call it by it's full name; Electricity Market Reform, or go EMR for short, now is a really good time to get to grips with it.

The reform is one of the biggest shake-ups in the energy industry this decade; it turns coal fired generation on it's head. What you need to know and to plan for is what it means to your business, how you can navigate around the consequential price rises, and how energy reduction is a necessity not a 'nice to have'.

If EMR isn't sitting in your board room discussions I would suggest you add it to the next pivot meeting you hold.

We've produced our own white paper and we're on hand to provide a workshop for your team or business.

Understanding the direction of energy, as a result of this reform plays heavily into your capital expenditure, invest to save schemes, and demand response over the next few years.

I'd say it's business critical & you need to know what it means.

Start planning for increases in 2018/19 now, otherwise you could be looking at an increase your current operation and it's P&L can't stomach.