So we've gone big with the headline on this one. But we honestly feel it deserves it. We're launching the UK's 1st domestic energy supplier that gives all of it's profits to charity. What's better is it's the charities the public choose, more specifically the domestic customers who sign up.

What's revolutionary? Well a few things....

  • For the 1st time you will be able to do something really positive with your energy supplier. Normally around this time of year it's a time for bad publicity and price hikes (as the winter wholesale market dictates a price increase).
  • For the 1st time you will be able to trust your energy supplier; not doing it for profit allows you to think of things very differently.
  • For the 1st time you will be reassuringly looked after and have 'ownership' in an energy supplier as you elect where your profits go each year.

We're really excited so we're going to keep you up to date as this one unfolds.

Currently, it's 1st January 2015 launch! It's our new years resolution! Watch this space.