Launching later on this year Energy Relief has ambitious 2 year targets of raising £1M for charities.

The concept is simple; * Purchase your energy in a collective (group) * Save money on your energy bills * Share stories on energy efficiency and join a culture of saving money and energy

The major difference is that Energy Relief will not be set-up as a business to make money but as a social enterprise donating all money made when someone switches supplier to charity. Normally when you use a switching company they make between £5 and £20 for the switch. Energy Relief will send 100% of what is earned in the switch to the charities nominated by the switcher i.e. if I switched I may send £5 to Cancer Research Wales and £5 would then go to the overseas nominated charities.

The mission is to provide electricity to everyone in the world by 2030- currently over 1.5Billion people still haven't got electricity and many are dying due to the smoke and fumes from burning hard fuel stock. 50% of all money made will go to supporting this mission.

It's an exciting mission for amber energy. Nick Proctor, the company founder said "switching supplier is a fairly simple trick that often hasn't got the best results for those involved. Our mission is to make this process cleaner and to give the rewards to those that need it the most. We want to pick up 2% of the switching market in the first 2 years as this will achieve our £1M target. From there who knows!".

The scheme is set to launch later on this year ahead of potential winter price hikes and wants to focus a lot of it's support to those in fuel poverty.