Recent initiatives by DECC have hardly broken records...I think more people probably climbed into the Mini Cooper pictured above to break the record of 'most people in a mini' than successfully applied for the green deal?

Let's hope it doesn't flop! It certainly sounds promising and it's good to see a pilot going ahead for the capacity mechanism before running at full flight.

Just in case your wondering..EDR = Electricity Demand Reduction & the first contracts will go live in January 2015 in this pilot.

The pilot applications are just around the corner but what does it mean to your business and how could you benefit?

Well here's the key facts: *£20m pot being made available to support projects that change the demand within a business. For instance, a lighting retrofit or a systems upgrade. *Projects will bid in an auction *Each bid will be for a minimum energy demand reduction of 100kW during peak demand times (for the UK not their business). This is described as November to End of February 3pm to 7pm. *The 100kW can be comprised by more than 1 project

Before you get too excited projects for renewable generation, or those that change the production hours (shifting demand) are not included.

Something like a variable speed drive retrofit, a lighting retrofit, or a BEMS system retrofit will all qualify however. So there could be some mileage in this.

Essentially it means that no matter what sort of energy project you are undertaken there will be some funding available from somewhere. The complication is that working out the order for prioritising the ERM (energy reduction measures) will be pushed and pulled by the changing shape of the governments purse.

Now that's not a negative since it's great that a number of different initiatives exist it's just that when the industry calls for clarity, simplification, and more transparency the water isn't half-muddied by the introduction of new ideas.....I wonder whether industry will be slow to bid for this one awaiting proof of concept and verified results before wanting to get involved.