This will be short and sweet.

I've just bought a house, and it's a pretty stressful time of year what with running a business and Christmas presents to buy (I should really do that soon!).

Anyhow, when it comes to domestic energy I always advice people take a few key steps to ensure they end up with the lowest energy costs (since we only work with businesses on energy currently).

So practicing what I preach I'm currently on one of the comparison sites extracting what it's identified to be the lowest cost top 5 suppliers for me...I've attached my results above...note the changing competition in the industry as none of the Big 6 appeared in the TOP5.

Well not as direct offerings anyway; you can be assured that some of the companies below buy from them. For instance Sainsbury's Energy is a partnership with British Gas.

The Top 5 suggestions were in fact..

(1) First Utility (2) Ovo Energy (3) Sainsbury's Energy (4) The Co-operative Energy (5) Sainsbury's Energy

Because of what I do I'm also aware of the customer service offering across the industry and I'd be much more comfortable working with a local company with a local call centre that speaks plain english...

Things are changing. Or at least the customer facing brands are?

Of course, I'll now be calling the existing supplier to see what terms I can achieve but I found the exercise very interesting...Good to see some new entrants who aren't sub-suppliers moving up the leader board at least.

Well done OVO!