amber energy continues rapid growth

We're in a different place to a lot of businesses sure.. I've been fortunate enough to see the company grow at a rate of 230% or more every year since it started.

However, we still face the normal challenges of business growth and whether it be cash-flow, recruitment, or system issues I'm sure we still get our fair share.

What's been key to our success is the support network we have around us.

Being a young director I've always been worried that some people wouldn't take me or the company as seriously as the 'next guy in line' at the bank.

There's probably a little bit of truth in it but I did come from a banking background so I get where the stereotype comes from...however, before you ask I'm not wearing a flash suit, blue tooth head-set and driving a ferrari (but perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad thing LOL).

The point is we take business extremely seriously and the foundations of our business are built on strong relationships, trust, and doing the right thing by the businesses we work with.

The last part is the bit that keeps me pushing for improvements all the time.

To give you an idea, we're just in the process of developing our trading desk, recruiting a new trader, and purchasing a load of new kit to make this process slicker.

A couple of months ago, we purchased a bureau service to put energy use online for businesses, & we're in the process of developing a tool to manage down energy consumption.

It all comes at a cost so why do it?

Well that bit's actually easier to explain than 'how'...

The reason to continually improve processes, to continually strive to be the best company delivering our type of services, and to stand out as a 1st class company is simple.

It means we keep happy loyal customers who we can 'look in the eye' and say "We are achieving some great results and are delivering the best strategy for your business". If we can't do that, we shouldn't exist.

When it comes to how... it's all about building a solid team around your business and not just solid staff.

Mentors, family, friends, coaches, networks, bankers, associates...they come wearing all sorts of hats.

If you're missing any of these your likely to struggle somewhere so cover all angles.

Having a business in Wales is great. I realise as an English guy, from a small town (Tring) near London, I open myself up to criticism and jokes but I mean it.

It's seriously good being a new business in Cardiff right now.....

We've had support from Welsh Governments Job Growth Wales Scheme to recruit new members to the team.

My first member of staff, and now team leader, came from Go Wales, & more recently Cardiff Council supported our move to the new Amber HQ (featuring picture).

Oh, and did I mention?

The Welsh Government flew me out to Moscow for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit- now that was seriously cool!

So if you're starting a business. Perhaps consider Wales.