95% of small businesses think business rates are too high. (1) And with all the additional costs, business are disappearing from our high streets due to the high outgoings, that they simply can?t afford to pay.

Government is calling for the private sector to step in and potentially freeze business rates to allow businesses to stay afloat. The problem is whether businesses are doing well and making money or not, these business rates have to be paid, which means a heavy squeeze on finances for those who are desperately struggling.

?This knock on effect is causing businesses to come and then go in a flash.?

So if in severe trouble, businesses aren?t given a temporary window to try and resolve issues, get back on their feet and built their business back up. Instead, they are forced to keep paying and loosing money and business confidence, which eventually means they have no other choice but to shut up shop. This knock on effect is causing businesses to come and then go in a flash.

?The vicious circle continues.?

The support just isn?t there. The recession has hit us hard, consumers are not willing to part with their money quite as easily and businesses can?t bring their prices down because of their high outgoings, so the vicious circle continues.

The resolution is to think of ways to bring costs down for businesses and customers too. Business rates are being discussed as well as rent charges, because these costs are a cause for concern and are preventing businesses staying open and new businesses forming.

?It is essential to ensure that businesses are as energy smart as possible.?

There are a number of other ideas being discussed one of which we know a lot about is energy management. The typical energy bill for a business in the UK is currently £2,600 a year. But at a time when many organisations are facing pay cuts, job cuts, budgets cuts etc. It is essential to ensure that businesses are as energy smart as possible.

This includes monitoring usage, installing efficient products, changing staff behaviour/ staff education and resolving billing errors. There are also government incentive schemes being put in place; if you use less energy or sign up to green/ peak-switch off schemes, you can save additional sums of money.

Energy may not seem like a major concern when thinking of ways to stay in business and save money but if you do not have an energy plan in place, you could be throwing away thousands of pounds that could be what is needed to stay in business and be successful.


(1)Taxpayers Alliance