Wales Zero

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Wales Zero is a collective energy purchasing scheme for welsh businesses.

Our mission is to bring more businesses into this buying group to enable lower costs for each business involved.

We are developing best practice across each of the businesses involved and sharing experiences in energy reduction and renewable energy across the Wales Zero community.

At Wales Zero we are encouraging more businesses to join, and have a simple process for understanding whether you can benefit:

  • Arrange for a cuppa with one of our team
  • We'll pick up a copy of your energy bills' during this meeting
  • We'll ping you a letter giving us authority to look into your existing set-up (and don't worry it will very much restrict us to what we can do; in case you've had a bad experience in the past!).
  • We'll produce a report on your current set-up
  • We'll present some different options/strategies for you to consider.

Head over to 'our process' if you're still a little lost on what it's going to feel like to 'get involved'.

The major benefits to your business are:

  • Lower energy costs (through increased buying power).
  • Transparency on our fee/ the suppliers fee's.
  • Access to expertise (in our team or across the other companies involved).
  • Job creation in wales.

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