The Student Energy Project

What's in it for me?

Launching across over 9,000 students in the UK, across 9 sites The Student Energy Project gives students rewards for being energy efficient.

It's simple to get involved as a student or a building owner and the result is happier students, lower costs per bed, better green credentials, and higher business valuations (as your EBITDA increases).

The project can work with individual student meters; with electricity, gas and water & also with building, block, flat or floor level monitoring.

Head over to our sister site to find out more. Click this link to go to the student energy project site

We've launched at the following locations:

  • Unite, Phoenix Court, Bristol.
  • Student Castle, Goodmans Field, Aldgate London.
  • The Student Housing Company, Magenta House, Whitechapel London.
  • INTO Newcastle, Newcastle University Campus.

With more launches to follow at:

  • Bristol University
  • Cardiff University
  • Sheffield
  • Nottingham
  • Leicester

If you own a site and your interested to know what the impacts of running the project will be we can put together a cost/return proposal and explain the added benefits such as our 'TSEP Rep' training scheme and graduation/qualification for students.

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We heard about amber energy as they had worked with a number of our clients and realised significant savings for them. Smart buying, tax reclaims, new government initiatives, BREEAM improvement, consumer education etc are how they can help deliver savings, depending on your current set up. They are good, smart guys who know their stuff.

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