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Insight works with you to manage your forward budgets and to make intelligent decisions on when to purchase your energy. It's easy to set-up and track your future budgets and to see the impacts of global shocks and/or reforms in the UK energy market.

We've developed insight because we found an increasing number of confusing sources of information were landing on our clients desks; from market snapshots, to white labelled market reports with candle-stick diagrams on.

We're not saying this is useless information just a little too much information, or potentially pitched at the wrong level (for some clients to understand).

We've focussed our time on developing something for our clients that focusses on what matters to them:

  • How much money am I going to spend this year?
  • How much money am I going to spend the year after?
  • Where is the future of energy prices beyond this?
  • What do I need to look out for?
  • Is today a good day to buy?

Insight is intelligent software designed to answer these questions and to build a relationship with you. Making understanding complicated forward curve and closed trade positions something to wrap your 'fish n chips' in.

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I worked with amber energy recently on a major project that had extremely tight deadlines and cost restraints. amber energy delivered on both the deadline and costs on the utilities side, making the whole project outcome a success to my client. One of the best utilities consultants I have ever met, with a great deal of knowledge, and attention to detail, I would whole heatedly recommend them.

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