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Nick Proctor

Founder & CEO

Hi I'm Nick, and I'm the founder of amber energy.

In July 2009 I decided to leave my banking job to start amber energy, the trigger? Well.. how many clients I had met who had little/no knowledge of their energy set-up, what set-up would be best, where the true price of energy was going, or how much money was being made 'in the middle'. They simply didn't know why their cost of energy had been so volatile year on year.

It wasn't easy but I was determined that businesses' find out the truth behind energy, so they could start maximising their own "set-ups" (buying smart, using smart, and generating their own power to offset against the grids demands).

The Daily Express wrote an interesting piece about my story in 2011, you can read it here> Daily Express Article about me in 2011, it was just before I started to employ people and have the responsibility of a fairly large payroll. I like to reference it as my drive, enthusiasm, and end goal haven't changed.

We're now a few years into that journey and it's really cool to see the difference we've made. The next few years are going to be about technology and the smart grid; it's an exciting space to be in.

My day-to-day job is to work with key clients to build long-term energy strategy. 'One's' that maximise business value and deliver returns (as the electricity market reforms).

When I'm not working or coming up with new business ideas, you'll find me on the golf course, in the swimming pool, or on the tennis court.

I love sport, and I love supporting charity, recently I have completed a London Marathon and a half Ironman...I'm trying to think of my next physical challenge now...any ideas?

Hear about our growth story here>

Vital Statistics

Business Strategy 95
Entrepreneurial Flair 91
Client Relations 95
Industry Knowledge 100
Remembering Car Keys 2
Nick Proctor

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