The Team

Dan Clegg

Commercial and Finance Director

Joining as our Finance & Commercial Director in September 2017, Dan brings 14 years of experience in senior finance roles at PwC, IQE plc and The Royal Mint. He is relishing the chance to focus on what he enjoys the most, rolling his sleeves up and helping our great business to achieve great growth.

With two sons under 5 spare time is limited but when he can Dan can be found playing trombone in a couple of local bands or getting his running shoes on for a half marathon (mainly to try and counteract the effects of his passion for craft beer and good food!).

He has a knack for retaining useless information that is great for pub quizzes, and captained a team that took on the BBC2 'Eggheads'... you'll have to find out from him how they got on.

Vital Statistics

Trombone volume generation 100
Staying unruffled under pressure 95
Commercial acumen 93
Bringing numbers to life 91
Dinosaur species knowledge 85
Dan Clegg

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