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Ashley Govier

Co-Founder Energy Relief

Ashley joined forces with Nick to Co-found Energy Relief in 2014 after working on previous schemes to help the battle against fuel poverty in Wales.

In 2013 as the Capital City’s Cabinet for Environment, Ashley launched The All Wales Switching Scheme called Cyd Cymru. In just 3 months Cyd Cymru registered almost 5500 people offering circa £1 million in combined savings and provided £20,000 to the local food bank. In addition, it produced a 190% return on investment for the City and Cyd Cymru’s switching rate of 34% was well above the 10% average.

Ashley's committed to steering the scheme to support the local community; to ensure energy relief delivers on it's promises, and supports those projects in real need of funding (to stay alive or go ahead).

He's a huge advocate for community support and passionately believes energy relief can make a huge difference; saving people money on energy bills whilst supporting the community.

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Ashley Govier

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