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Now this is a story all about how...

Nick P flipped energy upside down,
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there,
I’ll tell you how we became an award winning company - yeah!
In 2009, back in the day,
In the banking industry is where Nick started his days.
Billing out, taxing, enforcing the rule,
And playing far too many games of pool,
When some energy brokers who were up to no good,
Started making trouble in the neighbourhood.
He got a little insight and realised it’s way off-camber,
And said, “To stop this I’m starting a company called amber!”

Or, if you want the story in non-90s rap format...

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Nick Proctor

Founder & CEO

Nick Proctor started amber energy to provide a fair, honest and transparent approach to business energy. Nick had met far too many businesses who didn’t understand why their cost of energy had been so volatile year on year.

After realising how much money “cowboy brokers” were making in the middle, Nick decided that something needed to change and these brokers needed to be put in check.

The initial grind really paid off, with amber energy® being recognised in Future 100 in both 2011 and 2012 as well as winning the Shell LiveWIRE award for S.East & S.West Young Entrepreneur of the Year. From there the awards just kept on coming! In fact, we had to create an entire page just for our awards.


Meet the team behind the fastest growing business in Cardiff

We’re a collaborative hub of industry experts, some you might know, some you won’t. We’re proud of every single person we have working for us, which is why you’ll find them all on our team page.

If you want to know who’s working on your account, learn more about our expertise or find out more about your prospective new colleagues then visit our team page.


We are not energy brokers, we’re much, much more than that

Our mission is to achieve the highest quality and provide the best service in the energy industry. Every client we take on, we aim to create a relationship with and act as part of their team – delivering cost saving innovation wherever we can, taking on feedback and listening to customers at every opportunity. 

From starting off just dealing with energy procurement, the company has grown and expanded to become a fully inclusive utility management consultancy. Not only do we offer energy management including energy bureau and engineering efficiency but we also specialise in new utility connections and water management

But we haven’t just increased our offering, we’ve tailored it. What’s the point in having lots of suits if none of them fit correctly? We wanted to give our customers the option to pick and choose the services they want and then make sure that they perfectly matched to their requirements. Taking this approach has allowed us to make greater savings, offer a better service and have happier clients.

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See our work for yourself

We've worked with hundreds of companies, some which may have had issues with their energy management that are just like yours.

Why not take a look through our case studies to see the savings we helped our customers achieve, issues we've addressed and find out more about the amazing work we do.



What we've won...

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